How to apply for Certificate?

For applying for certificate students must complete all assigned projects first.
Then send your project files as rendered (jpeg, png,avi, swf) to our email address without compressing the files.
Students can apply for more than one course certification at a time, but submitting projects of each course separately is must for qualifying for certification.

After evaluation of submitted projects files certificate will be issued.
Projects must be prepared as directed.
Fee for certification differs depending on the course type and number of courses.

Email address for submitting the projects is: info@islamicacademyonline.com
For other details: 92-321-510-83-82 , 92-333-510-510-4
Web: www.islamicacademyonline.com

Students can apply for certification after completing assigned projects.

For details contact us at : +92-321-510-83-82
Website: www.islamicacademyonline.com
FB: facebook.com/islamicacademyonline
Youtube: youtube.com/islamicacademyonline
Email: iacaonline@gmail.com