Blender 3D course in Urdu

Blender 3D course in Urdu:

Blender 3D course in Urdu is a comprehensive 7.5 hrs training program  with about 67 video lessons with 10 hrs of free videos on 2 DVDs (free 10 hrs videos are only available on DVD) . This course is intended for those who are willing to work in this industry standard opensource 3D software. Which covers all major areas of 3D industry like modeling, maps, materials, lights, cameras, animation, rendering etc. Available at Rs 4000 or 50$ along with download links (special discount for students is available)


Course outline:

Lesson_01. Splash screen
Lesson_02. Interface
Lesson_03. View ports (Work area)
Lesson_03.1. View shortcut for Laptops
Lesson_04. Primitives
Lesson_05. Review
Lesson_05.1. Saving and opening files
Lesson_06. Move, Rotate, Scale -1
Lesson_07. Move, Rotate, Scale -2
Lesson_08. Edit mode
Lesson_09. Object to Edit mode (Tab)
Lesson_10. Edit elements on axes
Lesson_11. Select the right intersection
Lesson_12. Extrude (Face)
Lesson_13. Extrude (Edge)
Lesson_14. Extrude (Vertex)
Lesson_15. Extrude review
Lesson_16. Extrude Region / Individual
Lesson_17. Bevel
Lesson_18. Inset
Lesson_19. Subdivide
Lesson_20. Smooth Subdivide
Lesson_21. Wire frame
Lesson_22. Copy
Lesson_23. Duplicate
Lesson_24. Face, Edge, Vertex count
Lesson_25. Mirror
Lesson_26. Boolean
Lesson_27. Bevel on path -1
Lesson_28. Bevel on path -2
Lesson_29. Joining Objects (Ctrl+J)
Lesson_30. Camera View (0)
Lesson_31. Rendering
Lesson_32. Rendering Quality
Lesson_33. Basic color for objects
Lesson_34. Smoothness
Lesson_35. Removing and reapplying
Lesson_36. Point light
Lesson_37. Smooth shadow
Lesson_38. Ambient occlusion
Lesson_39. Modeling a Cup -1
Lesson_40. Modeling a Cup -2
Lesson_41. Rendering a Cup
Lesson_42. Modeling a Cup handle
Lesson_43. Modeling a Cup from cube
Lesson_44. Modeling a Cup from cylinder
Lesson_45. View Global/ Local
Lesson_46. Subdivision shortcut
Lesson_47.Vertex, Edge, Face shortcut
Lesson_48. Active all Vertex, Edge and Face
Lesson_49. Loop & Ring selection
Lesson_50. Dividing object in to two
Lesson_51. Applying color to a part of object
Lesson_52. Separate object (“P” in edit mode)
Lesson_53. Chair Project
Lesson_54. Joining parts (Ctrl+J)
Lesson_55. Modeling Aircraft project
Lesson_56. Modeling Room interior project
Lesson_57. Modeling Truck Project
Lesson_58. Applying Image to Object
Lesson_59. Cloth Modifier
Lesson_60. Animation Basics Part-1
Lesson_61. Animation Basics Part-2
Lesson_62. Animation Basics Part-3
Lesson_63. Animation Basics Part-4
Lesson_64. Setting FPS and making animation video file
Lesson_65. Animation Project
Lesson_66.0. Camera Tracking to constraint
Lesson_66.1. Unit setup

Lesson_67. End