Audio Editing course in Urdu

This Audio Editing course in Urdu is a  fast pace comprehensive course on
1-DVD . Audio is still a very powerful medium for transferring ideas, facts and knowledge. Islamic Academy of Communication Arts has started audio editing course in Urdu for business and educational fields.  This course is intended for those who are willing to learn basics of Audio editing in Urdu. In this course we will cover Audacity which is at the top of opensource audio editing softwares .
Total Fee for local students Rs.2000


Course Outline:
0.0- How to Download Autacity
0.1- Welcome Window (How to get Help)
01- Autacity Interface
02- Recording from mice
03- Adjusting Track size
04- Mute Track
05- Time Shift Tool
06- Importing Tracks (files)
07- Cut from Track
08- Copy & Paste
09- Duplicate (Ctrl+D)
10- Mixing Tracks
11- Fade In
12- Mixing audio content
13- Fade In & Fade Out
14- Saving Files
15- Echo Effect
16- Noise Removal
17- Cut, Trim, Silence Audio
18- Amplify
19- Change Speed
20- Change Tempo
21- Equalization
22- Echo with Equalization
23- Robotic Effect
24- Saving MP3
25- Suggestion
26- Adjusting multiple Audios in one composition
27- LAME & FFmpeg Plug-ins
28- Manage tracks and fit vertically